Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Austin Oral Surgery For A Happier Smile

Austin residents know that they can still be unique even with dental implants. Having a smile with missing or crooked teeth is not the way to make a first impression, unless you are trying out for a  role in a horror movie. Austin oral surgery can help keep your smile beautiful, so you can concentrate on being uniquely beautiful. Although you will have your own personal preference and plenty of choices within the Austin area, here is my personal preference, click here to see the site. This will give you a general idea of the type of dentist to look for.

Dental Implants in Austin 

This oral surgery procedure replaces the missing tooth roots with implants. These implants provide a strong base in which your dentist can either attach permanent implant teeth, or implant dentures. This simple oral surgery can give you teeth in one day, so your smile will not be your unique feature. There are several advantages to having dental implants, besides looking great.

1.) Your speech will improve. Now that your dentures are no longer popping out, and the wind is no longer whistling through the large holes in your mouth, you can enunciate your words. If you have ever wanted to give a public speech, do so after your Austin oral surgery is completed.

2.) Eating will become much easier. Unlike dentures, implants do not move or slide while you are eating. Foods that were previously forbidden, can now be enjoyed with ease.

3.) Your overall oral health will also improve with implants. Dentures can allow food particles to become trapped between the teeth, which can cause bad breath and cavities.

4.) Dental implants are long lasting and durable. With proper care, some implants can last your entire lifetime.

Oral Surgery Procedures 

If you tend to panic at the words "oral surgery", you can stop. The entire procedure is done with an oral conscious sedation, or in plainer terms, a local anesthetic. The pain is also minimal, less painful than having a tooth pulled. To begin, a surgical post is attached to the missing tooth socket in your jawbone. As it heals, the post is securely anchored to your jaw. It usually takes between six to twelve weeks for the jawbone to completely heal.

The next step is to attach a connector post, or abutment. Using a mold taken of your teeth, your Austin oral surgeon will make replacement teeth which will attach to the connecting posts. This can either be one or more permanent teeth called crowns, or less permanent implant dentures.

All on Four Implants

 Perhaps you are interested in the all on four implants. No, you are not learning new gambling terms, this is a set of permanent teeth that look and feel just like natural teeth. Instead of replacing several teeth per arch in your mouth, all on 4 replaces just one tooth per arch. This oral procedure is perfect if you are already wearing removable dentures, or are planning on replacing your old dentures. This oral surgery is both quicker and faster than other dental implant surgeries, and gives almost the same results.

 Keep your individuality, just do it with a beautiful smile. Austin oral surgery can help you to make that great speech, or it can just make it easier to walk down the streets. Get your smile back with dental implants.