Monday, December 9, 2013

My Plunge Into the World of Implant Dentures

Bad teeth seem to run in my family. Both my grandparents on my father's side wore dentures. My dad was always in and out of the dentist office for various reasons and eventually ended up with dentures too. So, it was no surprise to me when I began to have problems with my teeth. At first I was horrified, I was only in my thirties and in my eyes, nowhere near old enough to need dentures. I have a career and kids, and as a woman, I don't want to walk around with large gaps in my mouth.

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When I spoke to my dentist, he was very understanding and explained several different choices to me. There were several different oral surgery procedures available but after discussing the situation with my husband we both agreed that I should get something that wasn't overly invasive, looked nice and that I would be comfortable with.

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I chose to do dental implants in Austin. Implant dentures are a step up from regular dentures. Once they are implanted, they do not come out. My dentist explained that they are very similar to real teeth. They are implanted into your gums using screws. The tooth is then set on the screw and functions like a normal tooth would. They never need to be removed and it makes cleaning them easier. These were great as I only needed a few teeth implanted at the time. However, if I needed more, it would be easy to get more in the future.

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The day of my procedure I was nervous. During the procedure, they use oral conscious sedation. Sedation and needles are one of my fears. I am the person that passes out after getting a shot or can't relax when that suffocating mask is strapped to my face. The dentist was very accommodating to my fears and helped to talk me through the entire process as we got started. I was extremely thankful for his understanding and the extra time he took to make sure I was comfortable with the procedure.

 oral conscious sedation austin dental implant center

Austin oral surgery was the best decision I could have made given the circumstances of the situation. The staff was professional and knowledgeable. The procedure itself was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it to be. The pain afterwards was minimal and definitely manageable. I can smile confidently and feel at ease with my appearance all thanks to the dental implants that I received.

all on 4 austin dental implant center

For anyone that is in a similar situation, I urge you to speak to your dentists about implants. They are new and much better than dentures. They are stronger and less likely to need replaced and the best thing in my eyes is that they don't need to be removed. If you want teeth in a day, I suggest looking into getting implants. No one wants to lose their teeth, but sometimes it happens, and I know that if I had to make the choice again I would choose the implants every time.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For The Very Best All On 4 Dental Implants U Need To Go To This Austin Oral Surgery Wonder!

Dental procedures of any type are something that can usually scare patients away. I'm one of these patients, and I know that feeling very well, having experienced many various dentists in the past. However, I have finally found an Austin oral surgery & dental implant place, which I do feel totally comfortable with and confident with on all fronts.

They have managed to help me get my smile back with an amazing dental implant procedure called all on 4. I now have a solution for the missing teeth that made me not feel that good about me. So, if you do want your smile back, and need a solution like now. You should pay a visit to this very caring oral surgeon who really looks out for their patients.

Would you like to know more about the all on four implants? The reason I'm asking is because I will gladly tell you about it. I didn't even know about it until after I visited this awesome oral surgery office where I live in downtown Austin. The dental surgeon, as well as the staff there, not only made me feel completely at ease with my visit. They made me feel at home with them too. As I said before, and will say again, I wasn't usually good or trusting with dentists as a rule. However, after coming here, and being examined by some wonderful people who took me into consideration from the start. I have definitely changed my mind about dentists in general. I also learned that scary is as scary does.

If you feel fear, and are made to feel fear, this is not a good dental environment to be in. The one I did some research on for dental implants in Austin was not only totally relaxing in every way. It was also a dental atmosphere that was warm, caring, and focused mainly on me and my teeth issues. Sure, these were dental professionals, in every sense of the word. Nonetheless, they were also very compassionate in nature. They made me feel relaxed just walking through the door of their dental surgery practice. I have never encountered that kind of feeling with any other Austin oral surgery practice before.

Okay, very sorry for rambling on, let me get back to the all on 4 dental implant. This is a very special kind of dental procedure that was pioneered by Dr. Paulo Malo and it is a new kind of procedure for dental implants. what makes it different is that it is a method that does place implant dentures to the anterior of the jaw. These implants are strategically placed to the anterior of the jaw for a reason and this is because they do provide an area of much better bone density at the end of the day. A lot of the teeth that I had lost, left me with very little bone left, in order to be able to hold dental implants successfully. However, this wondrous procedure was my wing and prayer, as it did for me what my mouth couldn't do on its own. So, I look on it as being, one of the very best surgery procedures I ever had done. I no longer have to seek out any other solutions to have a nice smile or to make up for my missing teeth. The all on 4 did it all for me. I'm so very happy!

The All on 4 implants are just one miraculous procedure done here. These excellent dental implants Austin surgery wonders are indeed a true wonder to me. Let them be a true wonder to you, as well, by providing you with new teeth in one day. They are the very best from the rest, when it comes to providing excellent austin oral surgery. The biggest thing about them is they truly care about you, your mouth, and the future of your smile. The oral conscious sedation that they give you, not only keeps you conscious of what is going on, you will also feel totally relaxed as they provide you with your whole new smile that doesn't take a long while.

I would recommend this dental implants austin dental surgery practice to anyone. Especially to those who do fear dentists, in the very same way, that I used to do before coming here. My experience with this austin oral surgery wonder has changed my opinion of dentists for all time. Also, gone is my dental fear, the long-time scaredy cat is now outta here! I'm home at last with no fears and a wonderful smile.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Awesome Teeth in a Day

Having ill shaped or discolored teeth can cause confidence issues and be damaging for adults and children alike. This is more so proven by films whereby villains and unappealing people are portrayed to have bad teeth. In the long run, one’s self esteem can be highly damaged.
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This leads to various methods where people seek to find a cure for their teeth. These include bracing, teeth whitening and also the six month process of having teeth aligned to the perfect shape. Not only is this process tiring, it is time consuming, and for the younger ones, it can lead to trauma and loss of morale.
    dental implants austin
Dentists have therefore come up with a new process popularly known as teeth in a day. It is a new ‘miracle’ technique where one can get a brand new set of teeth, sometimes even within ninety minutes. Unlike the older procedure that ran for close to six months, dentists have discovered a technique where all phases can be combined into a single day.
implant dentures
Ordinarily, a titanium plant was placed on the root of the teeth, and as time progressed, posts were placed for the crown which would be placed later on. This process was long and uncomfortable to the individuals seeking the procedure. After all, most people don't like visiting the dentist more than twice a year.The new technique would therefore combine all these processes into one session, ensuring the customer only has to visit again when necessary.
teeth in a day austin dental implant center
However, due to the sensitivity placed on the process, the patient is usually advised to maintain better care of the teeth for about two months. In this period, one is to avoid stressing the teeth by chewing excessively or biting on tough foods.The teeth in a day process has so far proved to have a 96% success rate to the target clients. Although the process has proved miraculous, not every person with a tooth disorder qualifies.
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For one to qualify for the process, one needs to have disease free gum so as to avoid any infection leading to worse off complications. Secondly, one needs to have adequate bone on the socket to enable the drilling process. Milk therefore should be your best friend in case one ever needs the procedure. Lastly, the area requiring the procedure should be an area not exerting too much pressure due to the care phase of two months. One may end up rupturing tissues which later on lead to infections.
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Another modern day miracle procedure is called all on 4, which is proving to be very popular due to two main reasons. Unlike the prior procedure, all on 4 avoids temporary dentures thereby cutting back on attention to disfigured teeth. This therefore helps boost one’s self confidence. Secondly, this process works on individual teeth ensuring no damage is inflicted on other healthy teeth.
oral conscious sedation austin dental implant center
This is unlike the previous process where holes would be drilled on the sides of other teeth for support. This would in turn lead to cracks and weakening of teeth.In as much as the new process is costly, a big confident smile is the most precious gift of all.
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