Monday, December 2, 2013

Awesome Teeth in a Day

Having ill shaped or discolored teeth can cause confidence issues and be damaging for adults and children alike. This is more so proven by films whereby villains and unappealing people are portrayed to have bad teeth. In the long run, one’s self esteem can be highly damaged.
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This leads to various methods where people seek to find a cure for their teeth. These include bracing, teeth whitening and also the six month process of having teeth aligned to the perfect shape. Not only is this process tiring, it is time consuming, and for the younger ones, it can lead to trauma and loss of morale.
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Dentists have therefore come up with a new process popularly known as teeth in a day. It is a new ‘miracle’ technique where one can get a brand new set of teeth, sometimes even within ninety minutes. Unlike the older procedure that ran for close to six months, dentists have discovered a technique where all phases can be combined into a single day.
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Ordinarily, a titanium plant was placed on the root of the teeth, and as time progressed, posts were placed for the crown which would be placed later on. This process was long and uncomfortable to the individuals seeking the procedure. After all, most people don't like visiting the dentist more than twice a year.The new technique would therefore combine all these processes into one session, ensuring the customer only has to visit again when necessary.
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However, due to the sensitivity placed on the process, the patient is usually advised to maintain better care of the teeth for about two months. In this period, one is to avoid stressing the teeth by chewing excessively or biting on tough foods.The teeth in a day process has so far proved to have a 96% success rate to the target clients. Although the process has proved miraculous, not every person with a tooth disorder qualifies.
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For one to qualify for the process, one needs to have disease free gum so as to avoid any infection leading to worse off complications. Secondly, one needs to have adequate bone on the socket to enable the drilling process. Milk therefore should be your best friend in case one ever needs the procedure. Lastly, the area requiring the procedure should be an area not exerting too much pressure due to the care phase of two months. One may end up rupturing tissues which later on lead to infections.
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Another modern day miracle procedure is called all on 4, which is proving to be very popular due to two main reasons. Unlike the prior procedure, all on 4 avoids temporary dentures thereby cutting back on attention to disfigured teeth. This therefore helps boost one’s self confidence. Secondly, this process works on individual teeth ensuring no damage is inflicted on other healthy teeth.
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This is unlike the previous process where holes would be drilled on the sides of other teeth for support. This would in turn lead to cracks and weakening of teeth.In as much as the new process is costly, a big confident smile is the most precious gift of all.
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